Regular dental exams are important because they allow us to keep a close watch for changes in your oral health. We screen for everything starting with cavities and decay using both Logicon and Canary System technologies. They’re both forms of highly effective radiographic (X-ray) interpretation assisting software that are extremely accurate at the early detection of decay. Logicon shows our doctors where your teeth are low in density. This usually means a cavity or two is present. Higher density shows us that there’s a good chance decay hasn’t attacked the inside of your tooth and it can be treated without drilling. The Canary System also helps give your dentist a full, complete picture of your tooth decay, showing them potential issues that are not visible during a visual exam or x-rays for added cavity detection power.

But the advanced preventive care doesn’t end there! Your doctor will also use special magnifying glasses and illumination technology called Loupes during every procedure and exam. They provide an even better view of your teeth because your dentist can efficiently fix something they can’t fully see.

We’ll also assess your risk for gum disease, TMJ issues, and even sleep apnea. Our highly skilled team will take the time to compare your results from exam to exam, checking for even the tiniest changes that could indicate the beginning a potential problem. Together, we’ll ensure your teeth are healthy and cared for.