Options for Missing Teeth

added on: October 30, 2017
McKee Family Dentistry in Loveland

Time to Start Living Again

No one ever feels happy about losing their teeth. Not only do most people feel embarrassed about the way it looks, they can also experience all kinds of lifestyle and health changes as a result. Some people develop speech and dietary problems because their dentures do not fit well. Others experience bone loss and facial collapse leading to TMJ disorder and an aged look. Still others begin to have gum disease issues and shifting of their remaining teeth. We can help with a range of tooth replacement options that can help you look good, feel better, and live well.

Dental Implants

Our first choice and suggestion when someone is missing anything from one to all of their teeth is dental implants. These incredible tooth replacement options replace not only the tooth, but the root as well. That means no shifting, no slipping, decreased bone loss, and the most natural function of any prosthetic available today. Most of our patients are overjoyed to find that they can eat their favorite foods and then brush and floss their teeth the way they did with their natural smile. No removal for cleaning and no gooey dental adhesive. We will work in coordination with an oral surgeon to complete the dental implant process.

Bridges, Partials, and Dentures

We understand that not everyone qualifies for dental implants. We also know that not everyone wants or can afford them. But many people who use traditional prosthetics end up with painful bite issues and embarrassing slippage. Our bridges, partials and dentures are a little different. We always take your bite into consideration when we design these replacements, which means that they will look and fit better and maintain the balance of your jaw.

If you are missing one tooth or all of your teeth, or if you have been told that your teeth need to be removed to protect your health, please give our Loveland dental office a call. McKee Family Dentistry tooth replacements can get you smiling and enjoying life, comfortably, securely, and conveniently.

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