For Loveland’s Long-Term Health

Because we care for generations of patients, we always promote the effective importance of preventive care. From the crucial time when teeth first emerge to the golden years of our smiles, proper maintenance and checkups are important. We cater to everyone with personalized, gentle dental care you can trust. It spans across every stage of life, to every type of smile.

Preventive dentistry is key to maintaining not just a healthy smile, but also a healthy body. It’s long been noted that issues within the mouth are related to potential problems elsewhere in our body. That’s why we feel it’s important to address and treat concerns before they have the chance to become something bigger.

The Pathway to Prevention

Start with comprehensive exams. They are an important diagnostic tool, designed to get a clear and concise picture of what is occurring in your mouth. Take comfort in knowing our level of family dental care is thorough, to ensure you and your family’s health is always a priority. We go beyond what we see today, to prepare for a much healthier tomorrow.

Thanks to digital x-rays we are able to learn about and see more of the shape of your teeth than ever before. We are able to share the results quickly, so you can enjoy clear, state-of-the-art diagnostics.

Honest Dentistry Your Whole Family Can Trust

Keeping teeth clean with hygiene therapy is also an important part of the preventive dentistry puzzle. With regular cleanings, you can be assured that there’s less of a chance of harmful bacteria from plaque and tartar entering your bloodstream. Our skilled team and up-to-date technology can help make sure your teeth are clean and debris free.

At McKee Family Dentistry, feel confident that we will work with your oral health goals to give you the smile you not only want but deserve. There’s never any pressure for unnecessary procedures, but there’s always a caring dialogue about your expectations and how we can meet a common goal together. We want you to feel at ease every time you’re in our office, no matter what treatment or procedure you’re scheduled for.

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Regular dental exams are important because they allow us to keep a close watch for changes in your oral health. We screen for everything starting with cavities and decay using both Logicon and Canary System technologies. They’re both forms of highly effective radiographic (X-ray) interpretation assisting software that are extremely accurate at the early detection of decay. Logicon shows our doctors where your teeth are low in density. This usually means a cavity or two is present. Higher density shows us that there’s a good chance decay hasn’t attacked the inside of your tooth and it can be treated without drilling. The Canary System also helps give your dentist a full, complete picture of your tooth decay, showing them potential issues that are not visible during a visual exam or x-rays for added cavity detection power.

But the advanced preventive care doesn’t end there! Your doctor will also use special magnifying glasses and illumination technology called Loupes during every procedure and exam. They provide an even better view of your teeth because your dentist can efficiently fix something they can’t fully see.

We’ll also assess your risk for gum disease, TMJ issues, and even sleep apnea. Our highly skilled team will take the time to compare your results from exam to exam, checking for even the tiniest changes that could indicate the beginning a potential problem. Together, we’ll ensure your teeth are healthy and cared for.

Believe it or not, oral cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the US. And it isn’t just tobacco users who are in danger of oral cancer. Lots of factors, including heredity, sun exposure, alcohol, and HPV can contribute to your risk factors. We suggest oral cancer screenings at your hygiene appointment because the earlier we discover the possibility of cancer, the easier it is to treat.

Maintaining good oral health also means keeping up with routine hygiene appointments. This procedure is important to keep teeth clean, along with stopping the formation of plaque and tartar. These difficult-to-remove biofilms can allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream through your gums, possibly leading to future health problems. We use the Cavitron ultrasonic cleaner to gently deep clean your teeth, lifting away all the plaque and tartar. It also polishes the surface of your teeth, making it more difficult for plaque to adhere to. We also offer a low abrasive, take-home, tooth cleaning paste to minimize enamel erosion and damage to your dental restorations.

Our digital x-rays offer a safer alternative to traditional x-rays with lower exposure to radiation. The doctors also use additional x-ray software called Logicon. It’s extremely accurate and allows us to clearly see any damage or decay present in your teeth much faster and more efficiently than previous technology. Logicon easily detects differences in density within your teeth, a good indicator of the likely presence of decay now or possibly in the future. McKee Family Dentistry also offers efficient panoramic x-rays to allow for a full, clearer picture of not only your mouth but also your neck and jaw.

Every smile is precious. That’s why we recommend protecting your teeth, or your kids’ teeth with dental guards.

Our custom fitted and designed sports mouthguards are ideal for kids who are involved in sports or other physical activities and protect not only from tooth injury, but also from soft tissue damage and even lessen the risk for concussions. And since they are custom fitted, they are much more comfortable so kids actually wear them.

If you clench or grind your teeth at night (also known as bruxism) you may be damaging your teeth or valuable restorations without even knowing it. We screen you for any signs of bruxism at every visit and if we notice wearing, cracking or chipping, we may recommend a dental nightguard. These comfortable guards protect your teeth and may also relieve symptoms of TMJ disorder.

As part of our routine screening panel, McKee Family Dentistry also offers a comprehensive sleep apnea screening. If we notice signs that it may be present, we can direct you to a sleep specialist for further testing. If you already know you have sleep apnea, but you can’t tolerate your CPAP device, we urge you to let us know. We offer tiny, comfortable sleep apnea and snoring appliances that fit over your teeth and help you get a more comfortable night’s rest.