Loveland Dentistry Questions

1. What are the fees for your top 15 procedures?

The fees listed for any given healthcare service is an estimate. Posted health care fees may not reflect the actual amount of your financial responsibility. Actual charges for the healthcare service are dependent on several circumstances, including complications, unexpected adjunct services, or our contract with your insurance company.

If you are covered by dental insurance plan or a dental benefit plan, you are strongly encouraged to consult with your insurer, plan administrator, or our billing office at 970-669-1236 to determine your financial responsibility for a particular healthcare service provided at our office.


120 Periodic Oral Evaluation $54.00
140 Limited Oral Evaluation $76.00
150 Comprehensive Oral Eval – New Patient $90.00
220 Intraoral – Periapical Radiograph $32.00
274 Bitewings – Four Radiographs $67.00
1110 Prophylaxis – Adult $96.00
1120 Prophylaxis – Child $71.00
1206 Topical fluoride varnish $42.00
2150 Amalgam – 2 Surfaces $185.00
2330 Resin Composite – 1 Surface, Anterior $174.00
2391 Resin Composite – 1 Surface, Posterior $192.00
2392 Resin Composite – 2 Surface, Posterior $246.00
2740 Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic $1,186.00
4910 Periodontal Maintenance $144.00
9110 Palliative (Emergency) Treatment $110.00

2. Do you accept my insurance?

We work with a number of insurance companies, including Delta Premier, FEP, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. If we are not in your network, we can help you file your paperwork and maximize your benefits. We also offer financing through CareCredit with nine to 12 months 0% interest. For more information, please visit our New Patients page.